Our Mission

OGKB Industries EST - March 2019


UNITE Canna-boss Babes
CREATE Dope-ass content together
EMPOWER women in cannabis 
CONNECT creative minds to grow and achieve our dreams!  Be a part of the empire and lets grow together <3 





As we work in the cannabis industry and meet so many wonderful and independent women, we wanted to create something for us to stay connected through; a network so to speak. Being together day in & day out, you build friendships and start talking about what else you do. We realized a common topic of conversation was that every babe had a side hustle they were super passionate about. As the years progress and our canna-careers take us in different directions, we want to still know these women and see what their achieving... stay connected some sort of way other than social media. The pioneering of our industry is gaining momentum and we want everyone to know each other and help each other grow, because eventually you may need someone's service, brand, or creative skills, and maybe you want that someone to be a cannabis advocate too. After all, isnt that what cannabis is all about? Bringing people together? So we want to bring our women together. And that includes YOU. 

So how do we do this? We not only create content with our current babes but we are reaching out to new babes. We want to do interviews/features and create a part of our site where babes can have a profile about what they do and offer their service or business. But uniting us with a unique brand was one way we could think of; and to provide cute stoner babe essentials at a good price. After all, our founder is a creative graphic designer babe and this is her brand! 

Our MISSION; to unite diverse, creative boss babes in the cannabis industry that can help each other achieve our dreams!


We want women to feel appreciated and heard; every woman has a story about her experience with cannabis throughout her life and we want to hear it. From seeing family members & friends be incarcerated for the possession of Mary Jane, to tourists coming into the shops we now work at, dropping hundreds of dollars on product... It has been nothing short of an astonishing and crazy ride.



More about the Designer...

 I have always wanted to start my own clothing brand since I was a young girl... drawing fashion designs in a fashion "how-to" book that my mom had gotten me for Christmas one year.... going to a fashion college that you had to take a grueling three-part, hands on test to get into... Imagining working for myself and seeing women in my designs.... I just was waiting for something to click and feel passionate about enough to make something out of it. Thats when OgKush Babes was born. 


  The society of OGKush Babes is all about bringing together stoner babes from different backgrounds, cultures, and places...  who actively break that stigma of a typical stoner, by thriving and living LOUD and PROUD in their every-day life; being active, out there hustling, making a name for themselves and being a boss-ass independent woman. There are too many negative stigmas around cannabis... we want to continue to break those.  


I want to know other women in cannabis and what their hustle is; while unifying us through a fashion-forward apparel brand. I want women in cannabis to feel appreciated and help them gain more exposure and showcase what they do.  I have met so many amazing women at the shops I have worked at throughout my life and I wanted a way to keep us connected; keep in touch. The only way I could think of doing that was through a network and a brand that unites us almost as a gang... as a definitive club.  There are so many babes out there that I know have the vibe of an Og Kush Babe. I am just waiting to get yall together and watch us thrive.